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Here you’ll find a mish-mash of both personal and client projects I’ve had published. These samples should give you an indication of the quality and style you can expect when you hire me to write for you. You can find a more comprehensive library of my published work over at my Contently profile.

If your particular subject matter isn’t covered, don’t worry — I’m happy to write on just about any topic. Click either the image or title below to see the content live and when you’re ready, get in touch so we can talk about what you need.

10 Professional Wrestlers With Awful Music Careers

Pop Culture

“Assad’s lyrics tick all the right boxes—cash, bling, fast cars and loose women. But if Jay-Z’s got 99 problems, this wrestler-turned-rapper ain’t one.”

Unhappy With Your Life? You Might Want To Quit Facebook

Personal Development

“[Facebook is] a means to hang out with friends that I don’t often get to see … and a seemingly bottomless happysack of hilarious memes and epic fail videos.”

Client Hunting: How to Get Referrals from Your Professional Network

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

“No doubt about it, the jubilation of not having to commute to work and (politely) telling your boss to shove it tends to linger for a while.”

How to Increase Productivity at Work Using These Relaxation Techniques

Career Advice

“5 minutes of this, and you’ll emerge feeling like Neo at the end of The Matrix (the first movie, not the one where he died).”

The Big Fat Problem with Your Diet Plan, and What to Do Instead

Health & Fitness

“‘Dieting’… ugh… even the word conjures up feelings of restriction, boredom, frustration and despair.”

Mogwai Madness: a Brief History of the Gremlins Movies

Pop Culture

“It’s been more than 30 years since lovable mogwai Gizmo and his chaotic, murderous spawn first graced our screens.”

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Make Their Company Stand Out

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

“No matter your industry, to succeed in business you’re going to need customers. And to get customers, you’re going to have to get noticed. A lot.”

How to Release Your Fears Before They Manifest Beyond Control

Personal Development

“If our ancestors hadn’t learned to recognise and react to the danger of a predator attack or natural disaster, then you and I probably wouldn’t be here right now to talk about it.”

College Education: Key to Success or Waste of Time and Money?

Careers Advice

“For all but a small minority of steadfast and self-assured kids, going straight into college after school might actually be a big mistake.”

How to Develop Excellent Content Management Skills


“Even if you don’t do any of the writing yourself, you’ll need to be able to distinguish the eloquent from the mediocre if you want to get the best out of your contributors.”

How Cristiano Ronaldo Spends His Salary

Pop Culture

“Unfortunately for Ronaldo, when you drive the world’s most powerful cars you’re bound to hit one or two speed bumps.”

3 Big Diet Changes You’ll Need to Make as You Approach 30 and Beyond

Health & Fitness

“In college you could have eaten a full 12″ pizza and relaxed while your metabolism incinerated it like a piece of tissue, but now that cheesy bastard tends to linger.”

Become an Expert Problem Solver in the Next 5 Minutes

Personal Development

“There was a time when we believed ‘the skill of thinking’ was just something we were born with. Then along came a physician and author named Edward de Bono.”

How Jeff Bezos Turned Amazon Into a Billion Dollar Company

Freelancing & Entrepreneurship

“If you try to picture how primitive the online landscape was way back in 1995 at the birth of the Internet, you realise that starting an online bookstore was an idea way ahead of its time.”